PGP Universal Server 授權數計算方式

PGP Universal Server includes the ability to manage users on the server or centrally manage individual PGP Desktop clients centrally. This allows an Administrator to lock down PGP Desktop policies from the Universal Server. Each user managed by the Universal Server counts as one license.

Example 1: If 100 users exist on a PGP Universal Server, 100 licenses of PGP Universal Server must be owned. The only exception to this is if the account on the PGP Universal Server is an Administrator account, purely used for booting a PGP Whole Disk Encryption client. In this situation, the Administrator user would not be counted as the license.

Example 2: When PGP Universal Server is used to manage a PGP Desktop client license, the quantity of each product must match. If 100 users of PGP Desktop Professional are purchased to be managed by the PGP Universal Server, then 100 copies of PGP Universal Server must also be purchased.

Example 3: PGP Universal Server has the ability to share replicate information to other Universal Servers. This process is called clustering. In clustering, multiple PGP Universal Servers are used. PGP does not limit the amount of clusters that can be used within the environment as long as the user count does not exceed the quantity of licenses purchased.

資料來源:PGP Product Licensing

PGP Universal is licensed on a per-user basis -- if you have 100 users being managed (e.g., PGP SP for BlackBerry) you'll need 100 seats.

資料來源:PGP Community Forum