Can I increase the printer limit?


My RPM license is limited to 24 printers. Is it possible to allow RPM to print to more than this number of printers?


RPM Select is limited to print to only 24 printers and this limit cannot be increased. If you have RPM Select and wish to print to more printers, please contact us for information on 'converting' your license to RPM Elite.

If you have RPM 9x, your printer limits can be increased up to 249. With RPM Elite, the printer limits can be increased up to unlimited. The process is:

1. Find the RPM serial number by opening the RPM user interface and choosing License from the Help menu.
2. Contact sales, provide them your serial number, and purchase additional printers.
3. The sales representative will provide you with the number of printer and an unlock key.
4. Once you receive the unlock key, open RPM and choose License from the Help menu.
5. Open the Module Status tab and double-click RPM Printers. Follow the wizard selecting the unlock using an unlock key option when prompted.
6. In the Quantity field, enter the number of printers provided in step 3. In the Unlock Key field, enter the provided unlock key.
7. If you printer activation was successful, the completion page of the wizard will state: Operation Complete.

Note: If you purchase an unlimited printer license for RPM Elite, enter 0 (zero) for quantity. Zero means no limit.