InstallShield 安裝時出現錯誤代碼 1152: Error extracting

InstallShield 11.5 Premier, InstallShield 11.5 Professional, InstallShield 11 Premier, InstallShield 11 Professional

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Basic MSI, InstallScript, InstallScript MSI


Error 1152 is only encountered at run time and is displayed in the following format:

Error extracting to the temporary location.

When a compressed network image (single compressed setup.exe) is launched, the files compressed within it will be extracted to the TEMP folder and launched from that location. If one or more files cannot be extracted, then error 1152 occurs.

There is not enough disk space on the hard drive in which files are being extracted.

Verify that the TEMP folder is writable.

One or more files have been corrupted. This may have occurred if the installation was downloaded.

Free up as much disk space as possible on the drive that holds the TEMP folder. See the Additional Information section for more information on the TEMP folder.

Clean the default TEMP folder and provide users with Write privileges to the TEMP folder. See the Additional Information section for more information on the TEMP folder.

1. Redownload and rerun the installation.

2. If the installation is being run from a network location, try running it locally.

Additional Information
The TEMP folder is the folder used by the system to place temporary files that can be deleted at a later time. Follow the steps below to determine the TEMP folder for your system and the permissions set on the folder.

1. To access the default Temp directory, launch the DOS prompt on the machine, and type 'Set'. Then hit enter. This will display the values of all the environment variables including TEMP.

2. Find the TEMP folder in Windows Explorer, right-click it, and choose properties. Verify that the Read-Only check box is not checked.

3. If you are running the installation on a Win2K or WinNT system that is using a NTFS partition, verify that the user running the setup has permissions to write to this folder.

4. Right-click the TEMP folder, and choose properties. Now select the Security tab. A list of users will be viewable within this tab. The permissions for each user will be viewable underneath. You can add additional users and change permissions if needed. Permissions should not be an issue if running on Win9X systems.

Error 1152 is documented in the InstallShield Help Library topic Troubleshooting Setup.exe Run-Time Errors.

Q107317: ERRDOC: Setup.exe Error 1152