Avira AntiVir NetWork Bundle

Avira AntiVir NetWork Bundle 包含桌上型電腦及 Windows/Unix/Linux 伺服器的授權,其軟體包含 Avira AntiVir Professional、Avira AntiVir Server、Avira AntiVir SMC(中控程式)。

The Avira AntiVir NetWork Bundle unifies the protection of desktop PC and file servers under Windows and UNIX / Linux in one license. Thus your network is safe from viruses, worms, Trojans as well as adware, spyware and dialers. And that with a price advantage of 30% compared to the individual licensing.

Everything included:

* Avira AntiVir Professional – the optimal protection for your desktop PC
* Avira AntiVir Server – maximal protection for your file server
* Avira AntiVir SMC – time saving, network wide security management
* Cross platform license for Windows and UNIX / Linux
* Free updates and upgrades during the entire license term
* 14 day installation and configuration support by telephone and email