What happens to the PGP software after a subscription license expires?

This answer pertains to all PGP Desktop 9.x and above, PGP Command Line 9.x and above, and PGP Universal Server products 2.x and above.

# PGP Licensing

PGP Corporation uses a licensing system in order to enable product functionality for purchased products. Once a PGP product has been purchased, PGP Corporation will email a license number included in an order confirmation to a designated email address.

PGP product functionality may be fully or partially disabled until a license number has been entered. Entering a license number provided by PGP Corporation will enable features included in various PGP products. The process of entering a license number into PGP software is called License Authorization and will enable one or more seats of PGP software. One seat is defined as one user.

# Subscription Licenses

PGP subscription licenses enable specific PGP functionality for one year. The license entitles the user to use PGP functionality, obtain upgrades and receive technical support during this timeframe. After a license is expired, certain functionality is disabled and auto-update functionality is disabled. Technical support also expires until Software Maintenance is renewed.

Sample License Number:


# Perpetual Licenses

PGP Perpetual licenses with Software Maintenance provide software Upgrades and Technical Support. After a Perpetual license expires, auto-update functionality is turned off in the PGP software and no further Upgrades or Technical Support is available until renewed. All product functionality remains enabled as this type of license never expires.

PGP Command Line products include basic maintenance for product Upgrades, however technical support is not included and should be purchased separately from a PGP reseller.