Spyware Doctor 告訴我沒裝防毒軟體?我明明有裝啊...

Spyware Doctor 有獨立的防毒功能,需要額外再付費購買,如果你看到「防病毒:未安裝」,先別緊張!這只是告訴你並未購買 Spyware Doctor 自家的防毒功能,不過,如果你已經有安裝防毒軟體了,官方並不建議你再加買這個「防病毒」功能。


更改完套用後該文字就會變成「Starter Edition, 現下升級」:

'AntiVirus: Not Installed' notice in Spyware Doctor Status screen

The AntiVirus option is an extra addition for Spyware Doctor at the cost of USD $10.00. If you click on the 'AntiVirus: Not Installed' notice, this will take you to the purchase page.

If you already have an existing antivirus product then it is not recommended that you run a second antivirus product simultaneously.

To disable this notice, go to Spyware Doctor > Settings > Uncheck “Display AntiVirus information on Status page”.