[PGP] 如何提出降版本使用申請?

降版本使用需求是讓購買新版的客戶可以使用舊版,例如從 PGP Desktop 9.5.3 降級為 PGP Desktop 9.0 或 PGP Desktop 8.1。


在您購買產品(新購或升級)的 60 天內,且購買超過 10 個授權(席)的客戶有資格提出「降版本使用申請」。
必須於「Downgrade Request Form」中詳細說明申請降版本使用的原因,盡量不要只填寫像「程式無法運作」、「其它程式與目前版本不相容」這樣簡短的理由,只會讓您申請的處理速度更慢。
請注意!透過「PGP Online Store」線上購買的產品並不符合降版本使用申請資格。若要取得舊版,請聯絡您當地的客服人員。


  1. Download the Downgrade Approval and Letter of Destruction form, attached at the bottom of this article.
  2. Complete and sign the form. Make sure to include specific details as indicated under “Criteria” above.
  3. Submit the form and the request
    • By Fax
      If you prefer to fax your completed and signed Downgrade Request, please Click Here. You must include your Incident Number on the cover page of the fax in order for us to track it and avoid additional delays. Fax your signed and completed form to: 1-801-788-1344
    • By Scanning
      You may attach your signed form to your request instead of faxing it, if you prefer. After you have scanned in your completed Download Agreement, attach it and submit your request by Clicking Here.
  4. Downgrade requests are typically reviewed within 24 hours of receipt, during the normal U.S. business week.
  5. You will receive an email when the review of your request is completed.
    • If approved, the email will contain additional information about the processing of your request.
    • If not approved, the email will contain the reason and any requests for additional information.