TeamViewer 採購問題


Number of workstations from which sessions can be started concurrently (channels) 如「甲」的行為–由A連到B:
With a Premium or a Corporate license you can install TeamViewer on any number of workstations.
The Premium license includes one session channel so that one workstation at a time can establish sessions.
The Corporate license includes three session channels which allow three workstations to establish sessions concurrently.
If you need more concurrent users you may purchase further session channels.

E.g.: If you own a Premium license with one additional channel you may install TeamViewer on any number of workstations and two workstations can establish connections at any given time.

Number of concurrent sessions from one workstation. 如「乙」的行為–由B連到A
TeamViewer allows multiple concurrent sessions with different partners from one workstation for which neither any additional installations nor additional channels are required.
You will only need additional channels if you want to establish concurrent sessions from multiple workstations and NOT for establishing multiple sessions from one workstation.

1. 可以無限次數的安裝。(Number of workstations on which TeamViewer can be installed)
2. 但您同一時間只能有一台電腦從公司網域內連線到遠端的一台電腦。(Number of workstations from which sessions can be started concurrently (channels))
3. 同一時間,可以有十台遠端電腦連線到您公司網域內的某一台電腦。(Number of concurrent sessions from one workstation.)

何謂 Lifetime license?

Lifetime license - one-time payment without recurring fees
You can use your permanent license for an unlimited time after purchase. There are no additional costs per use/month/year etc.
That makes TeamViewer one of the most cost-efficient solutions on the market.
We at TeamViewer do not offer costly maintenance contracts but provide free updates within the same major release.