AntiVir SMC HowTo

SMC HowTo pdf file


The SMC How To document, which describes the general procedure for installation and configuration of Avira SMC, can be downloaded from the link below.

Basically it details a part of the User Guide, including the integration of AntiVir products.
It refers to the following subjects:

1. Installation of the SMC Server
2. Installation of the SMC Frontend
3. Starting of the SMC and Logon
4. Licensing of the SMC
5. Installing the Software Repositories
6. How to install the Security Environment
7. Configuration Settings of the SMC
8. Installation of the SMC Agents via the SMC Frontend
9. Pull/ Push mode of the SMC Agent
10. Filtering groups
11. Windows Installation
12. General Hints/ Information
13. Unix

Download Avira SMC HowTo

Affected products
• Avira SmallBusiness Suite [Windows]
• Avira Security Management Center [Windows]