Kiwi Log Viewer 軟體說明

Kiwi Log Viewer - 含色彩效果的記錄檔即時顯示,Kiwi Log Viewer 以表格形式顯示以文字為主的記錄檔,並且自動以色彩強調任何符合您興趣的文字,支援 Windows、Linux 及 Mac OSX 作業系統,可以監控指定記錄檔,以察覺變更及顯示任何即時增的新資料。

文字字串比對讓您將重要的文字使用顏色或粗/斜體字型來強調,文字比對選項包含簡單的子字串比對或更強大的 PERL 形式的字串樣版(Regular Expression)比對。




* 最多可以顯示 10 個最近開啟的檔案項目。
* 每個強調顯示最多可以顯示 100 個符合文字。
* 最多 100 個強調顯示書籤。
* 回復所有過濾的結果。
* 開啟任何大小的檔案。*
* 可以點選複製任一列的文字。

* 於 Windows 及 MacOS,檔案的讀取最大支援到 14TB(如果作業系統支援),於 Linux,檔案的讀取最大支援到 4GB。

Kiwi Log Viewer - View your logs in realtime with color highlighting, Kiwi Log Viewer displays text based log files in a tabular format with color highlighting to match any text of interest to you. There are versions available for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. The tail option monitors the specified log file for changes and displays any new data that is added in real time.

Text string matching allows important text to be highlighted by using colors or bold/italic font emphasis. Text matching options include simple sub-string matching or more powerful PERL style Regular Expression matching.

The Find function can search through your file to locate any matches of your choice.

Support for command line arguements allows you to specify the file to load and where to display the viewer on the screen. This makes it possible to setup shortcuts to your most frequently viewed log files.

Licensed version features:

* All the features in the free version, plus...
* Up to 10 entries in the Recent file list
* Up to 100 text matches per highlight
* Up to 100 favorite highlights
* Returns all filtered results
* Open files of any size*
* Ability to click-select-copy any part of the row text

* On Windows and MacOS, files up to 14TB can be read (if the operating system supports them). On Linux, files up to 4GB in size can be read.