SolarWinds License Manager 官方解鎖工具

SolarWinds 很榮幸釋出「SolarWinds License Manger」,這個免費程式讓你簡單的將 SolarWinds 程式遷移到新的機器。

請依下列步驟取得「SolarWinds License Manger」軟體,並請確定您已經購買且有 CustomerID 跟 Password。

一、請從「http://www.solarwinds.net/support」進入下載「SolarWinds License Manger」軟體,必須以 CustomerID 跟 Password 來登入。

二、將「SolarWinds License Manger」安裝於已安裝有 SolarWinds 程式的電腦。

三、選取所要解鎖的程式,按下【Deactivate】來解鎖。(支援所有 SolarWinds 公司的軟體,包括 ipMonitor 及 LANsurveyor)

四、一旦解鎖成功,您就可以將 SolarWinds 公司的軟體安裝於別台機器。

SolarWinds is proud to announce the release of the SolarWinds License Manager. This free application allows you to easily move SolarWinds applications to a new machine.

Please follow the steps below for accessing the SolarWinds License Manager and ensure you have your CustomerID and Password readily available.

1. Download the SolarWinds License Manager from the Downloads section in the Customer Portal at http://www.solarwinds.net/support. (You will need your Customer ID and Password in order to log into your Customer Portal)

2. Install the SolarWinds License Manager on the machine with the SolarWinds application(s) installed.

3. Select the SolarWinds application(s) to deactivate. (All SolarWinds applications are supported excluding ipMonitor and LANsurveyor)

4. Once the deactivation is successful, you can install the released SolarWinds software on the new server.

5. (Optional) To remove the application(s) from the original SolarWinds machine, you will need to uninstall the application(s).

If you have any questions please contact SolarWinds via e-mail CustomerService