Kiwi Syslog Daemon 免費版與付費版功能比較

INFO: Free vs Licensed features


* GUI based syslog manager
* Free to use for as long as you want
* Messages are displayed in real-time as they are received
* 10 virtual displays for organizing your messages
* Message logging or forwarding of all messages, or based on priority or time of day.
* Auto Split the log file by priority or time of day
* Receives messages via UDP, TCP or SNMP
* Forwards messages via UDP or TCP
* Automatic log file archiving based on a custom schedule
* Messages per hour alarm notification with audible sound or e-mail
* Log file size alarm notification with audible sound or e-mail
* Daily e-mailing of syslog traffic statistics
* Minimizes to the system tray
* Maintains source address when forwarding messages to other syslog hosts
* Syslog statistics with graph of syslog trends (Last 24 hrs/Last 60 mins.)
* Syslog message buffering ensuring messages are not missed under heavy load
* DNS resolution of source host IP addresses with optional domain removal
* DNS caching of up to 100 entries to ensure fast lookups and minimise DNS lookups
* Pre-emptive DNS lookup using up to 10 threads
* Comes with 5 cool skins to change the look of the program
* Selectable display font, display color, and background wallpaper
* Also available as an NT Service
* RFC3164 send and receive options
* Context based help


In addition to the features available when using Kiwi Syslog Daemon as freeware, purchasing a license offers more flexibility:

Additional Auto Split log file options

* Host name
* Host IP address
* Domain name
* WELF format tags in message text

Additional filtering options

* Filter on IP Address, Hostname, or Message text.
* Filter out unwanted host messages or take a different logging action depending on the host name.
* Perform an action when a message contains specific keywords.

Additional actions

* Powerful scripting engine for filtering, parsing, custom statistics and performing actions
* Log to an ODBC database. (Access/SQL/Oracle/MySQL/Informix etc)
* Write logs to the Windows NT application Event Log
* Play the sound file of your choice when the filter conditions are met.
* Forward the received Syslog messages via e-mail.
* Send a Syslog message to another host when the filter conditions are met.
* Send an SNMP trap (Version 1)
* Run an external program of your choice when the filter conditions are met.
* Pass values from the received Syslog message to an external program, e-mail message or Syslog message, such as:
o Message text
o Time of message
o Date of message
o Hostname
o Facility
o Level
o Alarm threshold values
o Current Syslog statistics

Additional buffering

* A buffer for 1000 Syslog messages to ensure you don't miss messages under heavy load.
* A buffer for 1000 e-mail messages to ensure all e-mail gets through under heavy load or if the mail server is unavailable temporarily.
* The DNS cache will hold up to 20,000 entries.
* The DNS pre-emptive lookup can spawn up to 100 threads.

Additional alarm options

* Play the sound file of your choice when an alarm condition is reached.
* Run an external program when an alarm condition is reached. This could be a pager or SMS program.


* Greater flexibility in managing and inspecting log files produced by Kiwi Syslog Daemon. Particularly in larger networks, the ability to provide timely and relevant status and event information is of great value to the network manager. The additional Auto Split log file options support this ability by easy and natural segregation of incoming messages into unique log files. These can then be used to create reports on specific devices, events, conditions, or other items of specific interest to your organisation.
* Additional Filtering options for greater and simpler control of subsequent actions.
* A large number of additional actions that can be automatically initiated as a result of incoming messages, filters, and rules. In particular, the increase in notification methods meets the needs of an increasingly mobile business culture.
* A much larger buffering capacity. This increased capacity greatly increases the scale of the network that can be supported, as well as more reliably handling peak busy periods or message spikes.
* Your support requests will be actioned before freeware users of the product.


* Your name will appear in the 'help about' window, showing you have purchased the full version of Kiwi Syslog Daemon.
* You will also get that warm fuzzy feeling, knowing you have supported the further development of the program.
* Free minor version updates. For example from 7.0.0 to 7.9.9x.
* Discount on major version upgrades. For example from 7.x.x to 8.x.x.