X-Win32 的 Node Locked 跟 Floating 授權有何不同?

A) 1-4個授權內會自動設定為 Node-Locked 版:為單機版,買幾個授權就安裝幾台電腦,不可變更,軟體會鎖定每一台安裝的機器。
B) 5個以上授權會自動設定為 Floating License 版 :為浮動授權版,可以安裝無數台電腦,軟體會自動計算使用機器數與購買授權數,若使用機器數已達授權數則超過後的機器將無法使用該軟體,除非有其他用戶退出。
C) 只有 Floating license 才可以安裝於 Terminal Server。 (Only floating licenses can be installed on Terminal Servers).

若將 Node-Locked 版安裝於 Terminal Server 時,會出現「正在執行節點鎖定許可on 不允許終端伺服器」的錯誤訊息!

There are two different type of licensing for X-Win32:

Floating License Description:

Floating licenses are 10 -14 lines of text consisting of alphanumeric characters.

Floating licenses allow a license to be installed on any number of computers on a network.
A subset of computers on the network can run X-Win32 concurrently. If the number of licenses have been exceeded, X-Win32 will shutdown until a license on the network is freed up. Certain floating licenses may also subnet restrictions placed on them by the company’s account administrator.

Node Locked License:

Validation Number (VN) License:

Node locked licenses are generally 7 to 15 digits separated by one dash ie. 12345-6789

Node Locked licenses are directly tied to the hardware of the machine the X-Win32 license is installed on.
X-Win32 can be uninstalled and reinstalled any number of times on the same machine without using a second license.

However, changing hardware devices may cause a user to use up a registration.
Reformatting a hard drive and adding an extra NIC may also cause X-Win32 to
prompt a re-registration window in which the user will use up a registration.

Node Locked Versus Floating licenses