Kiwi CatTools 軟體說明

Kiwi CatTools - 讓網路設備的備份及管理更簡單,Kiwi CatTools 自動組態路由器、交換器、防火牆的備份及管理,提供郵件提醒及比較式的組態變更報告提示,支援 Telnet、SSH、TFTP、SNMP。

什麼是 Kiwi CatTools? CatTools 是一個網路管理人員用於自動化執行多項每日任務的軟體。

為什麼我需要它? CatTools 是為網管工程師所設計的,我們瞭解您的每日所必須執行的任務以及您的工作,CatTools 把您的日常工作透過排程批次任務、自動化變更及網路管理者相關的報告來簡化,讓您的生活更簡單。

它如何運作?CatTools 的核心就像是批次處理機器,一旦您設定了網路設備(路由器、交換器、防火牆),然後告訴 CatTools 對這些設備執行其中任何一個預先定義的活動。

它可以幫我什麼?CatTools 可以執行一些讓您工作更輕鬆的任務:

* 設備組態備份,排程或立即執行,發現有任何差異立即以郵件通知。
* 透過 Telnet 或 SSH 一次傳送多個 CLI 命令。
* 排程變更設備組態設定。
* 一次變更所有網路設備密碼。
* 產出多種報表,包含如:Port、MAC、ARP、Version 等資訊。
* 比較設備中的 Startup 及 Running 組態。

這套軟體適合我嗎?因為每個人的需求有所不同,我們建議您下載並試用 CatTools,看看是否符合您的需求,CatTools 是免費軟體,限制五個設備。如果您需要測試更多設備,您可以申請三十天試用序號。


Kiwi CatTools - Backup and manage your network devices with ease. Kiwi CatTools automates configuration backups and management on routers, switches and firewalls. It provides e-mail notification and compare reports highlighting config changes. Supports Telnet, SSH, TFTP and SNMP.

What is Kiwi CatTools? CatTools is a software application used by network administrators to automate many of the tasks they perform on a daily basis.

Why do I need it? CatTools is designed by network engineers, for network engineers. We understand the tasks you need to perform and how you work. CatTools is here to make your life easier. It does this by scheduling batch jobs,automating changes, and reporting on the things that matter to you as a network administrator.

How does it work? At the heart of CatTools is a batch processing machine. Once you have setup your network devices (routers, switches and firewalls) you then tell CatTools to perform any one of the many predefined Activities against those devices.

How can it help me? Some of the many tasks CatTools can perform to make your life easier include :

* Device configuration backups. Scheduled or Run Now. Any differences can be instantly e-mailed to you.
* Send CLI commands via Telnet or SSH to many devices at once.
* Change device configuration at scheduled times.
* Change all of your network device passwords in one go.
* Generate various reports such as Port, MAC, ARP and Version.
* Compare the startup and running configuration of a device.

Is it right for me? As everyone's needs are different we suggest that you download a copy and test CatTools to see if it will meet your needs. CatTools is freeware for up to 5 devices. If you need to test it with more devices than this then you can request a Trial License which will allow you to operate CatTools unrestricted for 30 days.