UltraEdit Concurrent License 說明

當客戶購買了「Concurrent License」,等於是購買了「Concurrent」的使用權,其實在電腦的授權及使用上與一般版本並無「技術上」的不同。

如果客戶有中央伺服器(如:Citrix或Terminal Server) 可以將程式虛擬化,客戶可以毫無問題的將UltraEdit安裝於此類中央伺服器來使用,如果客戶想將UltraEdit安裝於獨立的共享工作站電腦也是沒問題的,完全取決於客戶。

UltraEdit 並沒有要求安裝 License Server 才可以使用 Concurrent 授權。


When a customer purchases a concurrent license from us, they are purchasing the rights to use it concurrently. There isn't actually anything "technically" different about the license or how it works on the machine.

If the customer has a central server (Citrix or other) which virtualizes the application, the customer could install UltraEdit there and use it from the server with no problems.  If the customer wishes to install UltraEdit on individual shared workstations where users will rotate in and out, this is no problem either.  It's up to the customer.

There is no license server required (or available) to use UltraEdit in a concurrent environment.

From a technical perspective, our licenses are "tied" to the physical machine, not the user account, so the customer can set up the software and license it on a single machine/server just as a normal user would, and all users of that machine will have access to the license.