MDaemon Release Notes v11.0.3 (2010.06.22)

* [3680] fix to WebAdmin, users may be added to GroupWareUsers.dat multiple times
* [5397] fix to WebAdmin changes to an account's mailbox path are not saved
* [5438] fix to SyncML server may report that item has changed, even if no changes have occurred
* [4338] fix to ComAgent crash on Synchronization page when running on Vista/Windows 7
* [5479] fix to ComAgent not clearing address book synchronization history when switching data providers
* [5480] fix to WorldClient unable to send event notifications to MDaemon when running in IIS
* [5519] fix to WorldClient Standard theme, when creating a new contact the full name is not parsed into title, first name, middle name, last name, and suffix
* [4934] You should no longer need to right-click and "run as administrator" when launching MDaemon on Windows 7 (and other flavors). Note that administrator rights are still required (as they always have been).
* [5483] fix to long full name in From header may cause WorldClient to generate incorrect reply address
* [5546] fix to certain mailbox paths crash MDaemon's account editor