Share360來自日本的群組軟體(Groupware),是足以取代Microsoft Exchange ServerIBM Loutes Notes/Domino的協作平台,其建置成本遠低於Exchange及Notes數十倍之多:



Performance Tips

In order to operate in a comfortable environment, these specifications can be upgraded depending on number of users, etc. The followings are recommendations only, and do not necessarily guarantee performance:

Share360 for up to 50 users:

* Hard Disk: IDE minimum, IDE(ATA/33) recommended.
* Memory: 64MB minimum, 128MB recommended.
* CPU: Pentium compatible 300MHz or faster.

Share360 for 50 to 150 Users:

* Hard Disk: IDE(ATA/66) SCSI minimum, IDE (ATA/100) SCSI160 recommended.
* Memory: 128MB minimum, 256MB recommended.
* CPU: Pentium compatible 500MHz or faster.

Share360 for 150 - 200 users (or more):

* Hard Disk: RAID5 configuration by hardware (minimum and recommended).
* Memory: 256MB (minimum and recommended).
* CPU: Pentium compatible 1GHz or more.


* Share360 is designed to serve up to 200 users per server. If you have more than 200 users, we recommend you split into multiple servers. We recommend you test Share360 in your actual environment before purchasing a license.
* We do not define a minimum and recommended CPU since hard disk and memory will impact performance more than CPU.

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